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Mayra Cassano


I want everyone to wear their own beauty. Wear it, feel at ease, be proud of the image they give to the world, because it is the first impact that then allows you to know how to express the substance.
Mayra Cassano ● Merci a vous

Our team

Mayra Cassano

Thanks to the great Masters she met when she was 16, she learned that cutting, color and hair care are an art form. After having refined the different techniques between salons and fashion shows, she founded MERCI à VOUS, with which she proposes to create a meeting place and to dress every woman of her beauty.

Vinicio D'Amico

Expert in treating hair and their imperfections giving them new life, he gives balance and grace to the forms of each person. It is inspired by art and every customer desire is essential to create a unique moment.

Franco Padula - Frank

With a path started as a barber and hairdresser for men, he established himself working with fashion agencies for photo shoots. His attention is focused on the care of both male and female hair.

Silvia Martinelli

A visionary traveler, she is inspired by what surrounds her to get out of the conventional schemes and transform them into trendy details.

Walter Sinico

In his international career in fashion she established himself as a make-up artist and hair stylist. With his eclectic character, he ranges from street style to glamor, transforming ideas into artistic proposals and taking inspiration from people in their everyday life.

Andrea Diletto

Collaborator for catwalks and fashion magazines, he expresses his creativity through the profession of hair stylist, inspired by what surrounds him. His philosophy is to enhance the natural beauty of women.

Luca Di Prima

Hair Stylist for men and women, make up artist, careful designer fascinated by the continuous evolution of style, he works for fashion show also as Image Consultant. Eccentric stylist, he loves to dare, but always with good taste.

Sali Advija

He is the youngest of the group and practices shaving with a single-blade razor, pampering the customers with warm cloths, essential oils and soaping with a brush, to rediscover the ancient tradition of the barber and give a feeling of comfort.

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